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agatha_stills: The Agatha Christie Icontest
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The Agatha Christie Icontest

She was known as "The Queen of Crime" and her books have captured the imaginations of generations of readers. Today, Agatha Christie remains the most popular novelist in history, with over two billion copies of her books sold.

Challenges will focus on episodes from the David Suchet Poirot series, films which have been made (such as Murder on the Orient Express with Albert Finney or Murder in Mesopotamia with Peter Ustinov), Miss Marple, text icon challenges with famous sayings, minor character themes (Inspectors Japp and Slack, Captain Hastings or Ms. Lemon), book covers and Agatha Christie herself.

If you have any questions/suggestions, please contact your mod: queensjoy

01. Challenges will start on Mondays.
02. Entries will be accepted until Friday at 11:00pm EST.
03. Voting will take place over the weekend and will end Sunday at 11:00pm EST.
04. Winners will be announced Monday, as will the new challenge.

01. This is a stills community, so animated icons are not permitted; text and other effects may of course be used.
02. Unless otherwise noted, you may use only the pictures that are provided for you in each challenge post.
03. All entries are to remain anonymous until the end of voting. This means that you are not to use/post the icon you've submitted until winners are announced.
04. All icons must fit LJ standards (under 40kb; 100x100; GIF, JPG and PNG format)
05. Do not vote for yourself or ask your friends to vote for you.
06. You may enter up to five icons per challenge.
07. If you take an icon, you MUST credit.

Entries for each challenge should be posted to the first challenge post.

Comment to that entry with the both icons and the urls.

Comments will be screened.

Please upload your icons to photobucket or some other host that allows direct linking.
No uploading to servers like geocities, etc that do not allow direct linking.

Only members may submit entries.

Please submit icons in the following format:


L I M S :

1. LIMS competitions will run con-currently with the regular challenges with the same general rules, the notable differences being that (unless specified) you are only able to submit 1 icon to challenge guidelines.

2. At the voting stage voters will be asked to vote off the icons that they think are of the least technical quality and provide reasons. Each challenge will result in the elimination of one or several icon makers until only one person remains.

3. For more specific rules please see the specific challenge post and the rules listed under 'weekly contests' above.

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